Thai boxing helps to reduce stress, uplift the mood, slim and tone the body, and improve physical and mental agility and vitality. These boxing classes benefit teamwork-building in corporations, family activities for parents and children, and everyone – both men and women – who wants to get fit, toned and healthy.

Physically: Thai boxing trains you in the entire spectrum of physical fitness – from endurance to agility to strength, every part of your body is worked out! Your arms, legs, neck and core are all used to release punches and kicks and to keep your body stable in between. Exercising like this (along with a healthy diet) will improve your cardiovascular health, respiratory function and muscle tone to increase your overall health – especially important in our elderly friends! In addition, exercise also improves your sleep quality, helping you function better in everyday life.

Emotionally: Physical exercise has always been important in maintaining good emotional health. A session of moderately intense Thai boxing helps to release endorphins, which boosts the happy mood and satisfying sensation we tend to feel after exercise. One of our latest projects, “Box Off Depression” (coorganised with FIDA and SRACP), is targeted at people with depression by providing boxing classes to help relieve stress, lift up mood, boost self-esteem and improve sleep (which is commonly affected in depression). For more information, read Rimer et al.’s 2012 paper, published in the Cochrane Review.

Mentally: Being a good Thai boxer has a lot of brainwork involved! You need to think quickly to plan and avoid your opponent’s punches and kicks, and you need to have determination to keep fighting even when you are starting to get tired. Cognitive function and mental alertness has been shown to improve with physical exercise (read more in this paper).

You will always leave our Thai boxing classes with a smile on your face. Join us now to try out these great benefits for yourself!