Who are we, and what do we do? Elite Thai Boxing and Fitness is a Hong Kong-based social enterprise! We aim to empower at-risk or underprivileged youths by providing training and job opportunities in Thai boxing and fitness. As proponents of the benefits of Thai boxing and fitness, we also offer classes to the public and organisations as a way to get fit, both physically and mentally as well!

What are our values and missions?

  • To develop and nurture talents of at-risk or underprivileged youths through Thai boxing and fitness
  • To provide a platform for career developments for at-risk or underprivileged youths
  • To enable more professionals, workers and people from different background and age groups to enjoy Thai boxing as a fun and effective way of becoming fitter and healthier

How does Elite work? Our professional team teaches at-risk or underprivileged youths to lead Thai boxing training for fitness programs. We also teach youths who enjoy fighting to direct their energy from fighting on the streets, to fighting with discipline in the ring. We encourage them to build up a positive attitude, perseverance, determination and confidence, redirecting their passion into a positive force for the good of themselves and society. Boxing competitions that we organise help to provide a platform for youths to develop this exciting sport in a safe and controlled manner.

We work closely with Youth Outreach, a Hong Kong non-profit organization that specialises in working with and developing youth culture.

We take inspiration from the business model of the Community Interest Company (CIC). The CIC is a legal form for social enterprises in the UK. Although this legal entity is not yet available in Hong Kong, we are inspired by the spirit of the CIC and we have committed ourselves to adhering to one of its governing principles: namely, no more than one third of the net profits will be distributed to the shareholders as dividends.