Youth Outreach

We are currently working with Youth Outreach to train youths and help them develop careers in thai boxing and fitness. In addition to keeping youths fit and healthy, we are also teaching them self-confidence, self-respect, and discipline through our program.

About Youth Outreach:

  • Dedicated to helping at-risk youth grow into responsible members of the community
  • Reaching out to youth at risk. Loving, caring, and welcoming them
  • Helping youth find themselves and rebuild self-respect and self-confidence
  • Creating platforms for youth to grow and stand on their own feet
  • Landmark achievements in the past 3 years (2011-14) include:
    • Pre-empting the triads by sending young late night street wanderers home, with over 13,300 cases passing through assessment as success cases (average 4,400 cases per year)
    • Successfully reducing triad culture and behaviour among young people
    • Strengthening their motivation to learn and work, while helping them build healthy interests and working skills
    • Achieving 7,120 cases of return to work and normal life (average 2,400 cases a year)