Our clubhouse course is an effective and fun fitness program for members of clubhouses. This course is suitable for everyone of all ages, and is great for families, both parent and child, to learn boxing and improve their fitness together.

Course Details:

  • Classes arranged on a monthly basis
  • Newcomers can join at the beginning of each month
  • Students of different levels can join in the same class
  • Classes can be adjusted to students’ levels and goals (slimming, self defense, combat training)
  • Individual hand wraps, boxing gloves, and ankle wraps can be purchased at a discounted price
  • If required, we can help equip the clubhouse room for classes

Family/Children Class:

Men and/or Women Fitness Class:

  • 5 or more students per class (optimal)
  • 1.5 hours per week
  • Personal Training classes can be organised separately

For more information, please email us at