How best to face challenges of the future?
🥊🥊🥊 to keep yourself PHYSICALLY + MENTALLY fit 💪💪💪

as advised by Elite @ Social Enterprise Summit 2017: <A Dinner to Remember: Boxing for Future>

#SES #社企民間高峰會 #eliteboxinghk #社企

SES X Gen Combo
Fist to fist, hand in hand! 🥊💪🤣
Sat 1-5pm @Third Street Sai Ying Pun

#SES #社企民間高峰會 #中西區 #跨代共融 #eliteboxinghk

Box off Depression | Positive Energy Boxing:
One small step for Elite, one giant leap for depression patients! 💪💪💪

#depression #mentalillness #eliteboxinghk #boxing #boxoffdepression #positiveenergyboxing

Elite got good ideas from interns of HKBN, JP Morgan and Microsoft! 🤔👏👨‍🎓


Elite Life: 無論你身在何地,都要飲食得健康!在倫敦,有乜野食物又健康又平又好食…

Join Elite Life as we learn how to get our bodies fit and healthy from inside out!

Click here to read founder Anne Chen’s insightful words!


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4-8 歲型仔型女暑假有乜好玩?


WhatsApp Image 2017-05-28 at 09.25.57

Doing anything cool with your dad on Father’s Day?

Come join us in our boxing event on June 18th with your fathers and grandfathers. There will be professional coaches and friendly volunteers ready to guide you through a fun, exciting boxing session suited for each person’s ability!

Contact Yorrick by email ( or Whatsapp (6650 5335) to sign up or learn more. See you there!


Join our Fitness and Thai Boxing Days on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day! It’s important to keep fit together as a family – and what better way to do that than through Thai boxing? 🥊 100 exciting gifts are available for elderly participants too: first come first served!

Apply here // 報名:


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