Elite Projects

ELITE 1.0   

2015 – current

Thai Boxing: For youth empowerment, fight off depression, team building, fitness & well-being

In 1.0, we use Thai Boxing as
– an empowerment tool for at-risk youths
– an alternative therapy for fighting depression
– team building and well-being tools for corporate partners


In 2.0,  we will add other tools and work with more stakeholders and partners



Jan 2018 – current

Digital Platform + SE Network as an holistic measure for fighting depression


Digital platform, Crisis Centre, collaboration with other social enterprises to provide meaningful volunteering work, collaboration with corporates and professional bodies to provide Awards and Community Hubs, etc.

Volunteering work: Where youths can learn skills+ in fun ways + on mission with Social Enterprises to solve social issues

Awards (身心靈 to empower youths):

身:Physical fitness like Thai boxing

心:Personal growth like job shadowing

靈:Well being like art therapy

Community Hubs: Interest-based mentoring, where youths can choose mentors/friends with common interest

Crisis Center: Manned 24 hours, provide immediate and direct support from counselors and social workers



May 2018 – current

Incubation Center for youths


Work with VCs + industry experts to provide youths with needed experience, expertise, social network. Elite Core Team to empower youth to build their own teams

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