About us

Raising up at-risk youths to be elites     Find out more about a Thai Boxing Fun Day! => Updates   We are: Social Enterprise                                Elite Thai Boxing and Fitness Limited has been listed on the Social Enterprise Directory 2015 by the […]

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Our Vision and Mission

Who are we, and what do we do? We, Elite Thai Boxing and Fitness, is a Hong Kong-based social enterprise (“SE”) established in May 2015 . We aim to empower at-risk or underprivileged youths by providing training and job opportunities in Thai boxing and fitness. As proponents of the benefits of Thai boxing and fitness, we […]

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Elite Projects

ELITE 1.0    2015 – current Thai Boxing: For youth empowerment, fight off depression, team building, fitness & well-being We use Thai Boxing as – an empowerment tool for at-risk youths – an alternative therapy for fighting depression – team building and well-being tools for corporate partners        Youths enjoying our classes:

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Elite1.0 Program

🗜Class details⏱ In Elite 1.0,  we use Thai Boxing as an alternative therapy for fighting depression, so we offer a series classes of Thai Boxing to satisfy different people. After fighting depression: as effective tools for improving physical shape and fitness. slimming. 🥊Elite 1.0 Programs 課程     To register classes, please send an email […]

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